24 hours emergency service

If passengers become trapped in a lift cabin, KOPPEL A.W offers an emergency service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This service is obligatory for systems installed since 1999, whereas it is guaranteed on a voluntary basis to any other customers who request it.
Lift systems installed since 1999 must be equipped with two-way voice communicator (telephonic, via landline or GSM) that enables the user to contact the specialised call centre by pressing the alarm button, so that the emergency service can be activated immediately.
This service must be carried out in accordance with the safety procedures described in the Standard EN 81-28.

Remote control

On all lifts maintained by Koppel AW, and in particular of course on those installed directly by our company, it may be provided a remote control system, which can give information on the system status in real time from anywhere in the world to our control center in Italy. In particular, it would provide, in case of failure, a diagnostic of the system that may accelerate the search of the fault causes, and then the repair of the failure itself. The system as provided by us is substantially open source, so there is no obligation for the customer to rely on any oligopolistic organization.