Single-phase lift up lifts

Koppel A.W. offers to the market a new technology for energy saving, and, as a result, of economic savings as well: LIFT-UP. It is primarily an electric elevator in compliance with Directive 2014/33/EU, without machine room (MRL).
This elevator has the main feature of a low starting and exercise power, namely 1 KW, with 220 V single-phase supply, constantly ensuring with this a capacity of 350 kg and a speed of 0.5 m/s (different combinations of car capacities and speed may be served by a different power value). When the customer desires, it is equipped with an automatic device for to send the car to next floor in the event of a power failure. Since its operation is not tied to a relevant system of batteries, it does not have the relative dispersion of energy, nor a problem of disposal of the same, therefore, in addition to ensuring a real optimal energy consumption, also has a high level of environmental compatibility.
The low energy consumption is encouraged by the LED lightings, and by a series of features such that the lift on standby is almost devoid of consumption.
The cabin has minimum size required for accessibility, i.e. 80 x 120 cm, and so the automatic door, 80 cm wide, at less than special installation in very small spaces: a situation however with respect to which Koppel AW is specialized.
Also the vertical dimensions, in the headroom and in the pit, are minimum permitted by current technologies (this lift is not a simple lifting platform, constrained to a very low speed 0.15 m / s, even when the doors were automatic).
As regards the finish of the cabin and doors, Koppel AW ensures maximum flexibility of handicraft. In case of installation in existing buildings is given the possibility to work turnkey, with a possible structure (buffered plate or glass) and ancillary masonary and electrical works.