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The environment where we use to live is one only, so we all have to make efforts to protect it. This efforts should come from the people but also from the firms.
That's why Koppel A.W. has asked for and obtained from DNV the Certification of its system of environmental management, according to ISO 14001. During its usual activity, like all the other firms, it uses some sensible products, such as lubricants and detergents, and it determines the release of some kind of refusals.
Koppel identified some 11 types of sensible products and 14 refusals kinds, everyone determined with its own code with the applicable law defines CER (among them, waste of mineral oil, toner, lead batteries, different kinds of packaging, iron and steel, etc.). The management of these products and refusals is done according to the laws and to rules which guarantee their correct differentiation and disposal, through qualified and controlled suppliers.

But Koppel A.W. makes more: when, as it usually happens, the company works in private sites, which may not be well managed by themselves about the disposal of refusals (for instance, an old used traction machines, which still is in the property of the client), Koppel A.W. takes care to deal these refusals as they were of its own, within the rules of its management system. At the moment, 34% of the refusals are recovered, and the remaining 66% are correctly disposed.
Thus the client takes advantage of this free service which preserves the environment where he lives (avoiding any accumulation of waste), and makes possible for him to comply with the laws.
The ISO 14001 certification means also management of dangerous products, for instance those ozone-depleting (possible gas leaks from the conditioning of the company's premises), emissions in the atmosphere from the heating system, limitation of the electricity, water and gas use.
It means also to work out enhancing planning: from the company's cars to others, less environmental impacting, lighting from normal to the LED one, the research and proposal to the clients of new technical solutions more energetical efficient, such as new types of controllers or traction machines, and so on.